In celebration of National Tim Tam Day, Yakusan and Fuel Communications celebrated Australia’s most loved biscuit by hi-jacking the town of Tamworth, renaming it TIM TAMWORTH. We created country fete inspired town takeover, Tim Tam invited consumers to BITE, SIP, SLAM their three new flavour profiles.

Through an interactive brand experience, Tim Tam aimed to create an affinity and nostalgia with the brand, and awareness for the flavour launch. The takeover included changing town signage to become ‘Welcome to Tim Tamworth’, creating the Tim Tam Tuckshop by partnering with a local café; a variety of family fun games and slam-a-thon stage right in the centre of town.

We had Masterchef contestant Poh Ling as brand ambassador for the day, teaching the locals how the bite, sip, slam is done. A whopping total of 93,312 individual Tim Tams were sampled on the day!

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