Arnott’s tasked Yakusan to create a big, bold and iconic activation to celebrate their delicious foray into the chocolate aisle. Yakusan partnered with Fuel Communications and invited the media to immerse themselves into the fun & personality of Arnott’s new chocolate block range. These included some of their most-loved biscuits including Iced Vovo, Jatz, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheels. Yakusan created the essence of each flavour through interactive zones within Beta Bar’s gallery space.

Guests were first ushered into the signature ‘arrival zone,’ with historical touches of Arnott’s nostalgia, vintage biscuit tins and historical print ads reminding our audience of Arnott’s 150 years’ experience in creating delicious treats. They then stepped into the immersive zones – a plush, pink fluffy world of Iced VoVo’s, posed for photos with our life-sized cracked Ginger Nut, got lost in endless walls of Jatz mirrors, bounced on our giant Wagon Wheel western-themed trampoline and karate chopped Scotch Finger biscuits.

This activation was a shareable and immersive experience which successfully set Arnott’s chocolate apart from the competition, showcased category thought leadership and put Arnott’s firmly at the heart of the ‘treat’ occasion.

The launch event generated a massive earned media response, including more than 100 nationally syndicated broadcast, print and online features, hundreds of pieces of user-generated social content, and tens of thousands of social engagements.

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