We are passionate creators, instigators, storytellers and connectors.

Gilles Merry

Managing Director & Founder

Lover of surfing, the outdoors and AFL. Unashamed Taswegian. Connector. Whisky and wine buff. Master of snooze. Closet guitarist.

Kate Merry

Kate Merry

General Manager

Epic globetrotter. Bargain hunter. Sun lizard. Technology challenged. CD and paperback supporter. Love affair with Thermomix.

Isabelle Ward

Senior Account Director

English rose. Suduko master. Laughs out loud. G&T’s all summer. Weekend Hike anyone?

Madison Westall

Madison Westall

Senior Account Manager

Night owl. Compulsive traveller. CEO of the Snack Committee. Can drive anything with 2+ wheels. Loves dogs, plants and the moon.

Courtney Leek

Courtney Manson

Senior Account Manager

Lover of summer. Eternally happy. Never says no to a glass of bubbles. Party trick extraordinaire. TV couch commentator.

Abby Dargan

Account Executive

Throwback Thursday devotee. Gig-goer. Waterfall finder. Lover of naps & snacks. Inherently optimistic. Dog whisperer

Nicola White

Nicola White


Devonshire bumpkin. Ocean addict. Lover of all things summer. Snap happy. Militant organisation skills. Always up for an adventure. Fond of being dragged behind a boat…at speed.

Liz Sharps

Senior Producer

UK Export. Faux Frenchie. Beach lover. Camping addict. Semi-retired raver. Loves cheese, wine and more cheese.

Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter

Associate Producer

Unofficial board game champion of the world. Lover of all things creative. Strong passion for chocolate. And online shopping. Happiest when espresso martinis are involved.


Hannah Fripp

Art Director

Brit Abroad. Blue Sky Enthusiast. Moodboard Master. Wannabe Foodie. Kitchen Dance Floor Champion.

Alec Longair

Finance Manager

Happiest in the Ocean. Sports lover. Homebrewer. Wannabe surfer. Number cruncher. Home-made pizza aficionado.


Office Uplifter

Eternal snoozer. Coolest dude. Shares the love. Dreamy brown eyes. Chaser of balls. Most beautiful curls award. Did someone say chicken?

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