We are passionate creators, instigators, storytellers and connectors.

Gilles Merry

Managing Director & Founder

Lover of surfing, the outdoors and AFL. Unashamed Taswegian. Connector. Whisky and wine buff. Master of snooze. Closet guitarist.

Nicola White

Peter Thompson

Experience Director

Passionate inventor. Art Gallery & Festival buff. Furniture renovator. Sunday morning snoozer. Car & boat obsession. Extreme mountain biker.

Kate Merry

Kate Merry

General Manager

Epic globetrotter. Bargain hunter. Sun lizard. SUP enthusiast. Vinyl record and paperback supporter. Home reno pinterest board devotee.

Jessica Charles

Group Account Director

Eternal optimist. Mum to an all-girl squad. Retired wedding singer. Prosecco lover. Duo doggie owner. Harmony seeker. Online shopping queen.

Ben Woodman

Group Account Director

Curious culture consumer and wide-eyed political junkie. Surf obsessed globetrotter. Home bartending aficionado. Concept tinkerer, big idea thinker.

Lauren Hunter

Riannan Arundell

Account Director

Gig-loving, wine-sipping, optimist at heart. Silver lining hunter. Happiest wandering markets. Discoverer of new flavours and sounds. Podcast devourer.


Amelia Gill

Senior Account Manager

Nature lover. Sushi enthusiast. Fast talker. Yogi wannabe. Almond croissant connoisseur. Recently discovered a love for tea pots.

Verity Lee

Senior Account Manager

Lover of the great outdoors. Novel devourer. Market explorer. Pasta enthusiast. Animal whisperer. Believer of finding joy in the little things.

Nicola White

Jessica Moore

Senior Producer

UK native. Impromptu explorer. Sunrise stalker. Live event addict. Imaginative brainiac. Cutting-edge technology enthusiast. Disco diva. Belly laugh connoisseur.

Kate Merry

Eve Milburn


Camping enthusiast. Interior Design obsessed. Wannabe tennis player. Happiest when floating around in the sea.

Emma Grosbard

Associate Producer

Sunrise swimmer. Sunset seeker. Loud laugher. Hummus connoisseur. Wannabe florist. Happiest backyard BBQing

Sienna Marshall

Production Co-ordinator

Lover of all things music. Cat mum. Festival enthusiast. Thai food addict. Wannabe DJ. Cocktail dabbler. Happiest when thrifting




Brit Abroad. Blue Sky Enthusiast. Moodboard Master. Wannabe Foodie. Kitchen Dance Floor Champion.

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