In its third consecutive year, Yakusan teamed up with Sharpie to create a school holiday activity worth talking about. This year with a new brand on board, Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens, Yakusan set out to roll out one our largest brand experiences to date.

Over a three-week period in the January school holidays, Sharpie and Paper Mate took over six centre courts in shopping centres across NSW, VIC, QLD and NZ. We had an enormous footprint to work with and set out to develop a series of eye catching pop-up stations where kids and families could unleash their creativity and discover Sharpie and Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens.

Drawing inspiration from Sharpie’s TVC, kids were invited to take a seat in ‘George’s Pad’ where they could make their own designs on custom Sharpie merchandise, with over 16,000 giveaways. We also had mural artists creating live Sharpie masterpieces to inspire our audience. A competition element was incorporated where consumers could enter via instagram to win a range of Sharpie prizes.

At our Paper Mate pop-up, we gave away over 113,000 Ink Joy Gel Pens. Consumers received Ink Joy Gel post-it notes and diaries to continue their colourful journey at school, home and beyond.

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