2017 welcomed the 5th Hendrick’s Gin: Hot Gin Punch Tournament, with a cultivated experience to rival years past. Seven of Australia’s best bartenders were invited to explore Tasmania’s beauty through the particularly peculiar Hendrick’s lens.

Yakusan was tasked with the challenge of creating a four day, money-can’t-buy experience to reward and entertain the finalists. The group marvelled in the wonder that is MONA, foraged and harvested their way through the Agrarian Farm and Kitchen, and spent two days traversing around the enchanting Bruny Island.

The final day involved each participant presenting their own rendition of Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch to a panel of Gin experts while incorporating the natural setting of the Island into their performances. The evening was capped off with celebrations accompanied by the best local food, music and festivity that Bruny has to offer.

The overall winner was awarded with a trip to the Hendrick’s Distillery in Scotland.

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