Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious and savvy when it comes to their spirit of choice but give little consideration to the remaining two-thirds of their drink.

To address this ongoing challenge, Yakusan developed a new campaign platform that spoke to both trade and consumers, driving awareness of both Coca-Cola’s and Beam Suntory’s spirit and mixer portfolios, and increasing consumer consideration of the need for a quality mixer to match a quality spirit.

Refresh Your Spirit launched as a pilot program in select venues across Brisbane to test and learn what we needed to do to engage both trade and consumers in the on-premise environment. We developed a suite of creative assets, bespoke in venue service collateral and staff sales incentives to support venues. Partnerships with Shazam and The Urban List encouraged consumer engagement and helped drive footfall into venues where consumers could experience the bespoke drinks menu and enter to win prizes to Refresh their own spirits.

Due to the success of the program, Refresh Your Spirit is being rolled out nationally in 2018.

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