Channel 7 are one of the lead sponsors of the Sydney Royal Easter Show and had an opportunity to create an activation in a prime high foot traffic footprint at the show.

Working with Channel 7, Yakusan capitalised on the upcoming Commonwealth Games to create an obstacle course for child consumers to participate in. Participants had the opportunity to do a timed course relay which included a race through the red and white tyres, giant feet shuffle to the climbing wall followed by using space hoppers to bounce their way to the basketball hoops where first to get a ball through the hoops would race through the finish line!

Participants also had the opportunity to have their photo taken on the podium with iPad’s sending the photos directly to their preferred mobile or email instantly. In addition to photos, participants could also do a video live cross where they could be recorded reading a script on a teleprompter which was then edited with Channel 7 live cross footage and sent to their email or mobile number within 24 hours.

Across the 12 days of live activity, the activation had 5,454 participants through the obstacle course – exceeding KPI’s and targets by 55%. Data capture onsite also increased Channel 7’s CRM database by 800+.

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