To help celebrate Vivid Sydney 2018, Yakusan jumped on board to assist Uber with the installation of Uber Beacons in the vehicles of selected driver-partners.

Uber Beacons are a device that, once installed on the dashboard, use colour-pairing technology to help drivers and riders find each other – particularly in crowded areas at night, much like Vivid Sydney. Integrating hardware and software via personalisation (riders choose which colour they want the Beacon to glow) creates a safer, easier, more efficient pick-up experience for both rider and driver.

With Vivid fast approaching, the Yakusan production team were tasked with making it happen (safely!) – in addition to producing signage, capturing content and staffing the event. Over the course of 12 hours, we helped almost 2000 driver-partners install their new tech, and treated them to free food, drinks and a car wash while they waited.

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