After years of begging from the Australian gaming community, Ubisoft tasked Yakusan with designing, producing and activating an Assassin’s Creed Challenge in Sydney to celebrate the launch of the newest game in the series, Odyssey. The brief was simple: go big, bring the game to life, and give our fans what they’ve been asking for!

Set in Ancient Greece, the Yakusan creative department ran wild recreating the rich visual and cultural themes found in the game, while our production team designed and activated an assault course like no other. With five obstacles and a 7m Leap of Faith to culminate the experience, consumers of all ages and fitness levels took to the course with delight.

Every Yakusan activation is designed with an integrated approach in mind and this was no different. While the on-ground experience was augmented with a gaming zone, food trucks & festival atmosphere, our amplification strategy included the capture and auto-sharing of social content, and we worked collaboratively with Ubisoft’s content, media & PR teams to ensure the eyes of the global gaming community were on Sydney.

The event was a resounding success. The two live days saw over 800 runners complete the course (despite 75mm of rainfall!) with YouTube views surpassing the 5M mark and estimated media reach climbing over 35M. Sales of the game spiked and continued to climb leading in to the Christmas period.

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