For their portfolio of shopping centres across NSW, QLD and VIC, QICGRE challenged Yakusan to design and produce in-mall activations that were innovative, engaging, encouraged dwell time, and most of all gave kids & parents alike a great school holiday experience within their centres.

Yakusan were committed to designing two concurrent touring activations that elevated children’s activations from something simply fun, to something inherently snappable and shareable with a view to driving foot traffic and social traction.

The Play Pool was one of these activations. A retro, Miami inspired ball pit awash in pastel pink and blue, we encouraged kids to celebrate ‘school’s out’ and dive in. The perfect backdrop for great snaps of their little ones, Mum’s were invited to park their prams and take a break while we reduced ‘screen time’ in favour of old-fashioned fun.

The Play Pool saw over 3,000 children dive in, in its first two weeks of live activity and with four more centres to visit over 2019, it’s safe to say there’ll be plenty more kids having a ball at their local QIC centre.

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