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Dark MOFO, the winter solstice festival with a hedonistic mix of music, arts, and culture held in Tasmania during June, provided perfect synergies to the unfaltering devotion Hendrick’s Gin have to the undiscovered and unusual.
To mark the new partnership between MONA & Hendrick’s Gin, the Dark MOFO festival provided a fitting platform to stage the legendary “Parlour of Curiosities”, but this time push the creative direction in keeping with festival. Picture an abandoned circus situated in the depths of a forbidden forest, full of dark and mysterious wonders. Over 47,000 festival-goers discovered a whole range of tipples, daring and intimate performances, as well as an eccentric revelry of other-worldly wonders and delightfully dark surprises.

" Our vision was to create a meaningful partnership with MONA that delivers value to our shared consumers and creative vision. Through this activation we set out to bring our early and existing consumers deeper into the unknown as they continue to discover the Hendrick’s brand, while enlightening and challenging a new audience as they explore the brand for the very first time. " Jack Pollock, Marketing Controller, William Grant & Sons

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