It’s not often that you are tasked with launching a limited edition tipple infused with scorpion tails from the Amazonian jungle, but that was Yakusan’s task when briefed to launch Hendricks “Kanaracuni” Gin. With Master Distiller Leslie Gracie and Global Brand Ambassador David Piper as special guests, it was a chance for a select few to hear at first hand how they ventured into the Venezuelan jungle on a 10 day expedition quest in search of new botanicals to create a gin like no other.

So if we couldn’t take guests to the Amazonian jungle, then we would have to take the jungle to them. And so we invited guests to the Royal Botanical Gardens where we transformed the Palm House into a Victorian explorer’s den, complete with giant burrowing cockroaches and albino pythons. And you couldn’t taste a scorpion infused gin without dining on goats hearts or ant croquettes.

A night to remember. A gin that surpassed expectations.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .