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Ooh La La, La Boulangerie!

To showcase the finest French ingredients contained in each Grey Goose bottle, Yakusan teamed up with Chef Brent Savage from acclaimed restaurant Yellow, as well as the Luxe Bakery powerhouse to create “La Boulangerie”, an innovative pop up artisan bakery in the heart of Potts Point, Sydney.

By day, Yellow was transformed into a French inspired bakery where freshly baked bread and pastries were fashioned using the same soft winter wheat, from the Picardie region of France, that has made Grey Goose the finest vodka it is today. To accompany these patisserie offerings, guests could experience limited edition confitures infused with Grey Goose La Poire, Grey Goose L’Orange, and Grey Goose Le Citron.

By night, guests could enjoy a five course French modern tasting menu showcasing notes of the spirit along with matched Grey Goose cocktails for the ultimate epicurean experience.

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