In 2019, Ubisoft Australia was selected as one of only three market’s globally, alongside France and the UK, to launch the inaugural global Ubisoft Experience – an event FOR the Ubisoft fans, WITH the fans, BY the fans. The event needed to be festival-like, consumer first & highly sharable without being overly educational and salesy.

Held in Sydney, the Ubisoft Experience was a one-of-a-kind gaming and community celebration that was designed to engage, reward and expand the Ubisoft community and bring to life Ubisoft’s most classic and latest games. It gave attendees the opportunity to experience and play, watch elite esports, attend informative panels, participate in competitions and meet some of the development teams from around the world.

Yakusan created immersive experience zones to engage & entertain attendees, all inspired by iconic Ubisoft games. A vintage tattoo parlour offered spray on tattoos inspired by attendees favourite games, a Ghost Recon climbing wall gave the perfect photo opportunity, the retro room sent attendees back in time to the 90’s and Far Cry Archery & Rainbow 6 Strength test challenged gamers.

There were over 2,000 attendees during the 2 x live days, which resulted in $27,000 in ticket proceeds being donated to R U Okay? Charity. Over 90% of guests dwelled in the event for more than half a day, and a staggering 33% returning for day two! With a PR reach of 4.9million and over 87k brand mentions on social, the Sydney Ubisoft Experience was considered best practice globally, and is central to the planning of future Ubisoft Experience events globally.

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