After the success of 2018 Victorian Racing Carnival and embarking on year 2 of Uber’s Partnership with VRC, the Uber x Yakusan dream team challenged themselves to move more people, move them faster than ever before, and do it all in style with a concept and experience that could live across three pickup and drop-off zones for the four race days of the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

From top tier influencer arrivals landing via Uber Chopper, to racegoers experiencing a five star arrival moment with our cloak room and Uber Concierge, Uber truly owned the ‘first and last brand moment’ at Flemington.

With the Uber Beats DJ there to keep the energy high, and a suite of branded race day essentials on hand for riders (fluffy slippers for tired feet – heaven!), our arrival and departure zones became part of the race day experience itself, with riders dancing their way through our zones whilst enjoying record-breaking low wait times across the three gates. Moving over 70,000 people (20% of attendance), with wait times down by 56% and reach of over 38 million, Uber proved that it is without doubt, the brand that Moves the Nation.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .