Yakusan was tasked with the challenge to broaden Hendricks’ reach for 2015 and beyond by proposing a calendar of festival partnerships and sponsorship activations. By broadening this reach it was essential that we didn’t alienate the Hendricks early adopters by entering mainstream forums and not remaining true to the Hendricks brand identity and personality. After settling on an overarching creative direction for the year, we set out to design an “undiscovered & unusual” brand experience that would surprise & delight.

The “Parlour of Curiosities” was born. A nod to the Vaudeville travelling circus with an eclectic interior, décor and installations to heighten the senses. An intimate performance space where guests could be entertained through live music, performance art, stand up, life drawing and much more. And where would we premiere this first festival foray? The inaugural Spectrum Now Festival was the perfect platform to showcase the Parlour. A playground for those who like to sip on all things creative and cultural – with a Hendricks in hand of course.

Next stop for this travelling Parlour of Curiosities… the abandoned & forbidden Dark Park at the Dark MOFO/MONA Festival, Hobart.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .