Tommy Dewar, son of John, the founder of Dewar’s whisky, was a charismatic man known for his wit, and more importantly his two obsessions; whisky and chickens. To pay homage to his passions, Yakusan executed the Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club for the first time on Australian shores, bringing to life the unique and truly delicious combination of the world’s most awarded Scotch whisky and the Scotch Egg. 

Collaborating with the bar team from The Barber Shop, we transformed a disused bar in one of Sydney’s renowned cocktail bar precincts into The Scotch Egg Club for four weeks. To educate consumers on the Dewar’s brand, the bar was styled with key brand touch points and dressed with quirky accents to highlight Tommy Dewar’s eccentric personality, adventures and ‘Dewarisms’. Patrons were introduced to the Dewar’s whisky portfolio with specific focus on the flavours of Dewar’s 12. To encourage trial of Dewar’s 12 by traditional non-whisky drinkers we created a series of cocktails which matched their flavour profiles to a curated range of Scotch Eggs created by ACME’s Mitch Orr.  To cater for whisky aficionados, we of course served Dewar’s blends and single malts to showcase the more intricate flavours across the portfolio.

A series of sold out Dewar’s whisky masterclasses were held throughout the duration of The Scotch Egg Club providing consumers with a deep dive into the Dewar’s brand and personality and rewarding them with a further appreciation of Dewar’s whiskies.  This masterclass experience also provided a key opportunity for Bacardi to engage their key customers with the brand and drive incremental national distributions across the on and off premise.

Throughout May we welcomed over 3,000 guests, held masterclass sessions for 380 participants, sold over 6,000 whiskies and over 2,000 Scotch Eggs resulting in an astounding reach of over 34 million throughout the month. To maintain conversation and provide the opportunity for more consumers to experience Dewar’s whisky via The Scotch Egg Club, we later rolled out a Residencies experience with pop-ups in four on premise venues throughout Melbourne and Sydney.

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