Black Hawk are a proud sponsor of the BackTrack Program in Armidale, a passionate cause on a mission to help young kids who have lost their way to reconnect through education, training and bonding with dogs.

Yakusan was assigned the task of celebrating the BackTrack program in Armidale and connecting with the local community. We designed and executed the ‘Black Hawk Dogs Day Out,’ a family and dog friendly festival in Armidale NSW, and a chance for the whole community to come together and show their support for the Back Track program, share their love for dogs and the benefits they provide to these kids.

The Black Hawk Dog’s Day Out offered an array of dog friendly advice and tips, including a Black Hawk dog health check, nutrition stall and complimentary sample bags for dogs to take home! Throughout the day there was also educational talks from Black Hawk Vets and dog nutrition experts where locals could learn the latest facts about pet health and nutrition.

The day was jam-packed with free, family-friendly activities including face painting, design a dog collar, pat-a-pup, not to mention complimentary coffee, gelato and a BBQ lunch. The BackTrack kids also put on dog shows throughout the day to demonstrate the hard work they put into training their pups.

The event and turn out on the day were a huge success, which was testament to the people of Armidale and how much they love their dogs! There was fantastic coverage of the Dog’s Day Out including National Channel 9 live weather crosses, local NBN News segment, several radio announcements and plenty of online and social coverage, including eight influencers. We had over 1,000 people through on the day, all taking away an array of helpful tips & knowledge for their pets and plenty of free Black Hawk samples.

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