All hailing from different backgrounds, from theatre design
to TV and film to events and brand marketing
– not to big note ourselves, but we’re a super talented team!

Gilles Merry

Gilles Merry

Managing Director & Founder

Lover of surfing, the outdoors and AFL. Unashamed Taswegian. Connector. Whisky and wine buff. Master of snooze. Closet guitarist.

Imelda Hodson

Client Services Director

Otherwise known as Melds. Fact finder. User of puns. Travel devotee. Sydney to Las Vegas and back over a long weekend!

Kate Merry

Kate Merry

General Manager

Epic globetrotter. Bargain hunter. Sun lizard. Technology challenged. CD and paperback supporter. Love affair with Thermomix.


Haydn Mariu

Director – Operations & Digital

Cheeseboard mastery. Kiwi bro. Resident make up/costume expert. Disciple of sleep. Snowboard freak.

Tamsin O'Sullivan

Tamsin O’Sullivan

Senior Account Director
Senior Producer

Online shopping junkie. Ambidextrous. Famed Conqueror’s descendant. Talented eagle eye. Did someone say cake?


Claire Whyman

Senior Account Manager

Northerner. Self confessed fashion misfit. Avid explorer of cool hangouts. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Felicity Andrews

Senior Account Manager

Ocean dweller. Resident yogi. Travelling nomad. Pinot Noir enthusiast. Lover of the great outdoors.

Courtney Leek

Courtney Leek

Account Manager

Lover of summer. Eternally happy. Never says no to a glass of bubbles. Party trick extraordinaire. TV couch commentator.

Gus Magee

Gus Magee


Documentary nerd. Fish wrangler. Mark Waugh enthusiast. Hip-Hop drummer. A current affairs poet.

Andrew Davis


American mountain man. The Silent Assassin. Snowboarding professional. The dark horse. Outdoors adventurist. Smokey Scotch over ice.


Sandra Sabatini

Associate Producer

Road tripper. Wide open spaces. Limbo queen. Beach bum devotee. Shot instigator.


Amy Gopperth

Associate Producer

Surfer girl. Arm wrestling ace. Kiwi bro 2. Highly skilled recaller of insignificant details. Peanut butter addict.


Hannah Fripp

Art Director

Brit Abroad. Blue Sky Enthusiast. Moodboard Master. Wannabe Foodie. Kitchen Dance Floor Champion.


Erin Banning

Office Manager

Collector of shoes. Solitaire devotee. “Like” overuser. Propogator of fun 🙂 Margarita time.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .